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Pokemon Go Area
Pokemon Go Area

Welcome to Pokemon Go Area, a fun new website for all things Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Trainers

We have local groups you can join to meet other enthusiastic Pokemon Go Trainers in your area. Connect and become friends instantly via the Pokemon Go Area website.  If you’d like to join other Pokemon Go Trainers and become a valuable member of the Pokemon Go Area community, please take a moment to Join Pokemon Go here.

Pokemon Go Gyms

We’ll be out and about searching and adding information on where to find your nearest Pokemon Go Gyms.  You can even add your own Gym address details to attract, invite and challenge other Pokemon Go Trainers around you.

Pokemon Go Walk or Adventure?

We’ve got you covered for all things Pokemon Go related, like Adventures and Walks.  Share your Pokemon Go Event with the whole Pokemon Go community to attract other like-mined Trainers, and share in the fun with new friends.


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